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Introducing the Essence

Unlock the data from your Business Systems. Make all your information available anytime anywhere. For everybody that needs access.
Build Portals and Apps at the speed of design using the award winning Essence Platform. With a great look and feel, and fully customizable.
Essence Portals adapt to your Business Processes and Needs. Make your Business Software a Permanent Fit in an ever changing world.
No more extensive development cycles. Experience the Essence Hackaton to see that we deliver your first Portal or App in Days, not Months.
Work on the road from your favorite device, using your favorite browser. On Windows, Mac-OS, Chrome-OS, Android or iOS in any modern browser.
Get better insights to make better decisions. By integrating Powerful Reporting Tools and beautiful Dashboards into your Essence Portals.

Introducing the Essence

Introducing the Hackathon
Use Essence to share the data from your Business Systems, like Exact Software, to collaborate with your co-workers, customers or suppliers. Using our unique Context Based Security, you decide what you share, when and with who. With a clean and simple User Interface. And integrating your favorite Reporting Tools.
  • A Single Sign-On Experience
  • Use Context Based Security
  • For all modern Browsers
  • For Desktop, Tablet & Phone
  • Reporting Integration
Use Essence to gather all the relevant data you need. From multiple sources. And simply add extra fields when and where more information is required. Get better quality data, straight from the source and more complete than ever. So you have better insights, and you can take reporting to the next level.
  • Add extra fields anywhere
  • All DataTypes supported
  • Referential Integrity ensured
  • Create selection lists
  • Decide on what is mandatory
Use Essence to extend the functionality of your Business Systems. Design your own Data Model and add the functionality to maintain that Data. And using our patented and award-winning technology, you can shape and model functionality in real-time. Without interupting your daily business.
  • Add Custom Functionality
  • Add Custom .NET Controls
  • Secure API available
  • Easy Distribution Model
  • Continous Delivery

Experience the Essence

Have us over at your office and within two days we will fulfill one of your business needs. Together with your team. Our vast experience helps you to tailor a new application. The data used is a direct input from your Exact database. No programming, just adjustment. The result may be presented in a portal for internal employees or external customers and suppliers.

Our Unique Hackathon Concept

  • We visit: A 2-Day session at your location
  • We listen: Tell us your business case
  • We design: Together, using a whiteboard
  • We build: Using our Essence Framework
  • We validate: The results with a Proof of Concept
  • We deliver: The plan to finalize, train & Go Live

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Winner of the
Exact Innovation Award

Join the Essence

Silver Essence is available through certified Partners only. Partners that understand your business, that are skilled in implementing with our Framework and ready to help you. Whether you need a best practices business template or a tailor-made solution.

Our Partner Model

We make it as easy as possible to build Apps and Portals. But still, we understand that you want to focus on your business. And do what you do best. That's why we have our own network of Certified Partners that can do the job for you. Together with you, using our unique Agile Development methodology.

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Find a Partner

You might want a Partner that is located near you. Or you might want a Partner that has a proven track-record in your field of Business. Finding the right Partner, who you can trust and who you feel comfortable with. That's very important to make your Portal work for you, your Employees and your Customers.

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Become a Partner

We are always looking for new Partners. If you are experienced in building Apps and Portals, we would love to hear from you and help you get started. We can provide you with a free account, an extensive training programm and direct access to our experts. And of course you benefit directly from our Partner Sales Programm.

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