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Our Mission

"Enable Frontend Developers and Business Consultants to build professional, secure, enterprise-scale Portals & Apps. On top of existing Business Software.

Without requiring extensive knowledge of complex Backend Developement. Using well-known standards: HTML, CSS, Javascript & ASP.NET."

How can we help you make beautiful Portals & Apps?

We take care of connectivity We unlock the data from Business Systems. So you can make all the information available anytime anywhere. For everybody that needs access and on any device.
We take care of security With our highly configurable security layer you can control who can see what data. We apply it everywhere and always. So you don't have to worry about it in your code.
We help you focus on design With our higly configurable data layer you can make sure data entry is consistent. We apply it for inserts, updates and deletes. With that out of the way you can focus on design.
We make report integration easy No Business Application is complete without some good reporting. There are some good reporting tools out there. We make it easy to integrate these reports into your application.

Our Value Proposition for you

Tools To Build
With ToolBox you have all the Tools to build Portals and Apps. Stand-alone or on top of existing Business Software. Cloudbased or On-Premise; whatever the situation requires. With less code, or even without writing a single line of code.
  • Tools to build Online
  • Free Local Framework
  • Deployment & Delivery Tools
Programs to Grow
Join us and enroll in our online Training Program. Follow our Classroom Courses to build your expertise. Get new Customers through our Lead Generation Program. We are there to help you to get to the next level.
  • On- and Offline Training Program
  • Lead Generation Program
  • Sales & Support Toolkits
Secure your Revenue
Get out of the hit-and-run business. Build Portals and Apps that secure a Recuring Revenue Model. Create out-of-the-box solutions, set up your own License Models and generate a steady cashflow through easy and clear monthly invoicing.
  • Flexible License Modeling
  • Easy Monthly Invoicing
  • Secure & Steady Revenue

Do you have what it takes?

With the Essence ToolBox you can build Portals and Apps. With less code or even without writing a single line of code. On top of existing Business Software or as a stand-alone application.
To build Portals and Apps for Business Solutions, you will need to have a good knowledge of Business Processes and understanding of translating Business Needs into practical solutions.
Build your own application from scratch or extend existing Business Software. To design and build your own data model will require knowledge of MS SQL databases.
Unleash your creativity to design beautiful pages and applications that stick out. Using common webdesign techniques like HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Build custom apps on top of the Essence Framework. Using ASP.NET and C#. Or integrate Essence on your website using the xmlHttp webservices.
Make sense of all the data for everybody. Integrate interactive dashboards and reporting using reporting tools like MS SQL Reporting or Sumatra Software.

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The easiest way to contact us is by using the form here. You could also send an email to And of course you can call us at +31-85-2020710.

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