Make use of a Custom Login Page

The first thing a user sees when entering a Silver Essence Portal is of course the Login Screen. This page is the same on each and every Instance of Silver Essence. Since the first impression is a very important one, we got lots of questions about the possibilities to stylize or customize this page. So in the upcoming release we will give you total freedom to use create the user experience you want.

What we already did and supported

For an Instance that hosted only one Portal we already had the functionality that the CSS of that solution was used for the Login Screen. That way you could already stylize the Login Screen to match the Customer's style guide. For an Instance that hosts multiple solutions, you could also trigger the correct CSS to be used by specifying the Solution Name in the URL (Solution=<SolutionName>) but this is not really the best Solution.

So if the styling is very important for one of the Customers on that Instance, you could also move that specific Portal to a separate Instance. This can be done on the same server using the same license so no additional costs there, except for some extra time to do updates when required.

Make use of a Custom Login Page

Besides what we already offered, we now want to give you complete freedom. In the upcoming release we added the option to specify a Custom Login Page. To tell Essence which page should be used, go to the Instance Manager (from the ToolBox, Alt+T in one of the Editors) where you will find a new setting:

Instead of the default Login Screen, we will redirect to this page. If the page can not be found, you will encounter a 404 error. We do not default back to the usual Login Screen so it is easier to troubleshoot because you will see where Essence is going to.

An example page is included

In the Portal/Solutions/Initial folder you will find an example of a Custom Login Page. This example will show you a basic login form and the code-behind to handle the form submit. So you can copy this page and modify it to your own liking. Or you could create a whole new page using the example to study how this should be done.

Your Custom Login Page should be somewhere inside the Portal Directory. Preferably in the Directory of one of the Solutions that are hosted on that Instance. So that should be Portal/Solutions/<SolutionName>. If your Custom Login Page does not belong to a specific solution, you can place it in the Portal/Solutions/Initial Directory. In theory you could place it anywhere in the Portal Directory or one of the sub-directories. But that will make it harder for others to find if changes need to made later on. And there is a risk that your page could be overwritten by one of our pages in the future.

On Page serves all

Per instance you can specify one Custom Login Page which will be used for all Solutions running on that instance. If two of the Customers you are hosting on that instance want a Custom Login Page, you should move to a separate Instance. Again you can host multiple Instances on the same server at no additional costs.