Keep in touch, Keep a grip. With Google Keep

Google Keep is a great tool to make notes, create checklists, set reminders and much more. But did you know with a free Google Chrome extension you can also use it to make notes about the webpage you are visiting? Personally I use that quite a lot because it also gives you the option to "save" the link to a webpage, like a bookmark, but you can categorize them and add notes to them as well. For me this solved the problem of having many bookmarks in my browser but I didn't remember why I bookmarked them in the first place! Using Google Keep I can organize my bookmarks and share and discuss them also with others who might find the content interesting.

If you are not familiar with Google Keep yet, check out this great tutorial by Clint Stephens who is a teacher that knows a lot about technology and is not afraid to use it. It will not only give you an easy to follow in-depth overview but a lot of inspiration as well.

Using Google Keep with Essence

Since Essence is a web application, I thought you can do all the Google Keep stuff with Essence as well. And because we always use Parameters in the URL, this can make keeping track of things a lot easier. All you need is Google Chrome and the Google Keep extension. So here's some of the things I use Google Keep for.

Bookmark pages

Wherever I am in the Portal, if I need to go back there later on I add it to Google Keep. I usually add a note to it as well, but when in a hurry simply adding a label to it will also do the trick to help me understand later why I should go back to there.

Share and Collaborate

Although it is important that all of our employees make notes in our own Portal, that doesn't mean that there are a lot of informal discussions. So, often I make a note for a specific page, add some notes and then share it with others that could help me out. Because the direct link to what I'm talking about is available, I don't need to explain it all over again.

Set reminders

Besides bookmarking a page for later review, I also set reminders quite often. Especially the location based reminders. For example, when I've planned a meeting at a customer in our Portal, I add a note with a reminder and, as a checklist, the topics to be discussed. That way, when I arrive at the customer a notification will pop up on my phone and I can each topic as done during the meeting.

Here's a video that will show you an example. While on a Customer Card, I add a note to Google Keep. The note shows up in Google Keep with the URL to the exact place in the Essence Portal where I took that note. So going back there is just one click away. Once the note is in Google Keep, I can use all the features to help me stay organized.