Improvements for File Downloading

In the Silver Essence Portal it is possible to upload files. These files are either stored on the Essence Server itself or in the SQL Database you specify. Of course it is also possible to download these files and in this release we have made some improvements.

Stylize the Download Button

Until now we showed a default (fixed) image for the Download button. In this release we changed that, making it possible to style the Download button using the CSS of your Portal. This way, the styling can be tuned to match the styling of the Portal.

To style the Download button, just look for the .btnDownload class in the CSS.

Copy Link to Clipboard

Next to the Download button, you will see a new option. By clicking the Icon, a hyperlink to download the file is copied to the user's clipboard. This link can be used to share the downloadable file with other users of the Portal. For example, sending someone a direct link in an email message.

Of course, if the recipient clicks the hyperlink, we will check if the user is already logged in to the Portal. If not, the user must log in first to be able to download the file. Exception to this is when the Controller that holds the download (in shown example that's Attachment) is marked as Public.

Additional Parameter for Download Link

The Download link might look something like this:

No matter what type of file you are opening through this URL, the file will be downloaded by default. Now if you have an image file, you might want to use it on a website or in an email signature. This is possible by adding the following Parameter:

The Browser will then try and display the targeted file directly. This will work for all the regularly used image file types link JPG and PNG. If the file type is not supported by the browser, the file will then be downloaded.