Navigation added to Home button

While the Back and Forward button of a browser will do just fine to navigate back and forward, we get a lot of questions if it is possible to have these buttons in the Portal itself. To give a positive answer from now on, we've added just that. Here's what you can do with these Navigation buttons.

No need to do anything

Basically, you don't have to do anything. The Navigator button will appear at the bottom of the screen of the Portal startpage by default.

And once you go to other pages, the Navigator buttons will be grouped with the Home button.

Styling the Navigator Buttons

To make it possible for you to modify the appearance of the Navigator buttons, we have introduced 2 extra classes in our CSS. The Navigator that appears on the Startpage can be stylized using the class .NavigatorDefault. The Navigator that incorporates in the Home button can be stylized using the .Navigator class. Do note, we have incorporated the Navigator in the Home button on pages other than the Startpage. But the .Navigator class is completely separate from that button. So if you want to position the navigation buttons somewhere else on the page, you can do that.

What if there is no page to go back too?

When you have reached the end of your browser window's history, the Back button will simply not work. Unfortunately, not all browsers have the option to check in the history list. Making it impossible to disable to hide the button in a page. The Back button of the browser itself will be disabled, so you can check there if that's the case.

But I don't want a Navigator!

Even though this is a much requested feature, we can imagine that not everyone wants to have these Navigator buttons. In that case, you can hide them by adding display: none to the forementioned CSS classes.