See which framework versions you are using

Too make sure your Essence Portal User Manager is using the correct central framework version, it is best to set the determination on automatic. That way, our Dispatcher will automatically set the correct framework version for you. Setting a fixed central framework version should only be done after consulting our support-desk, so they can determine if it is necessary to connect to a specific version. For example, this could be the case if you are involved in a controlled release or for testing purposes.

To give you better insights in which versions (your Portal versus our UserCentral) you are running, we did a little but handy improvement in the User Manager.

See which framework versions you are using

If you go to the User Manager in your Essence Portal (through System, Users) you will now see the version of your framework, and the UserCentral version you are currently connecting with.

In the case shown in this screenshot, the Portal is connecting to a higher version of our User Management Server. Some User Management functions might not behave properly, hence the warning by signaling the UserCentral version in red.

If this was not a deliberate choice, you should correct this using the Application Manager. Best option is to let our Dispatcher maintain this setting for you as described in this post.