Introducing new Menu Settings

To give you more control over the look & feel of your Essence Portal, we added a few additional settings. By popular demand, we make it easier to hide or combine certain elements of the navigation. Or, if you want to create a totally different look, remove all the menu elements to replace them with your own startpage.

Settings are grouped

Since the number of settings here went up, we decided to split things up. The general settings for your Essence Portal are still in the Settings section of the Menu Editor. But everything that has got to do with Startpages and Navigation moved to a new section: Menu Settings.

The next video will show you all these settings in action.

New Panel Menu: Index Buttons + QuickJumps

Traditionally you have the Index Buttons on the left side of the screen. And a Quick Jumps menu that, like the Windows Start Menu, can be accessed by putting your mouse in the lower left corner or with the Alt+Z key-combination. Using the same configuration you can now display a Panel Menu. A menu that tucks away to the side, to give you more room to work on. The Index Button are shown horizontally at the top, with the QuickJumps underneath. We've added some new CSS Styles for this Panel Menu as well.

Hide the Top or Menu Bar

Sometimes, all the functionality that is available through the Essence Portal can be accessed through the Index Menu. Or from the Startpage itself. In that case, you might want to leave out the Menu Bar. Or you might have the customer logo already on the Startpage, so there is no real need to have the Top bar taking up much needed space With the new settings you can remove them seperatly, and even remove them both. 

Do note however, that the Menu Bar also contains the Log Off button. So if you want to remove the Menu Bar, add a link to the SilverLogOff.aspx in your Index Menu or on your Startpage.

Overview of Customization Options

If you want to know more about other Customization Options of the Essence Portal? We have a video available that tells you all about it in detail. From the way we designed the default Essence Portal Layout, to the Webservice availability and the Development framework.

Start building Customized Startpages & Controls

You think you can do better than us in designing custom pages and controls? We believe you, so we made all the framework functionality that our developers have, available to you. Check out our "Developer's Den" channel on Youtube and start coding!