HowTo: Check what happens in the background

When you are working on a complex cases, it might be useful to see what is happening in the background. See which SQL Queries are generated and fired against the database. Or see which API calls are made to to the Exact Online Webservice, and check what the response was. Here's how you can get the information you need if you are working on your local installation.

Track SQL Activity

If you want to see the queries generated by Essence, you could use the SQL Profiler. But if you are working on a busy SQL Server, you might get an overload of information from other applications as well. Or maybe you you cannot even work on the SQL Server itself.

In that case, create a folder C:\TSQL on your local drive. From that moment each query that is generated and fired will be written to a text file in that directory.

Track Webservice Activity

Similar to tracking the SQL Activity, you can also see what's happening on a data-level from and to Exact Online. For this you need to create a folder C:\JSON on your local drive. Once that folder is there, each call to the Exact Online API will be written into text files. The response will also be written in the same location.

Don't forget...

Don't forget to rename or delete these folders when you are down. True, it's text files that are written there. But before you know it you will have a large number of files there, taking up file space unnecessary.