Action Required: Exact Online Password Reset

Unexpectedly, Exact Online did a password reset for all users. Before you can enter Exact Online again, you will need to request a new password. This should not have any effect on Essence Portals that are connected to Exact Online, since we do not store the user name and password. However, at this moment, Exact can not fully guarantee that there will not be any disturbances.

If your Portal gets disconnected

If your Portal gets disconnected and you can not retrieve any data in your Portal, the first thing to do is go to Exact Online and request a new password. Once you have set a new password and are able to login into Exact Online again, you can now re-connect your Essence Portal.

To do this, go to your Portal and login using your Portal username and password. Right after that, you will be asked to sign in to Exact Online:

You might also see a text, telling you that by doing the login to Exact Online, you grant the app (the Portal) access to the data from your Exact Online. Click the login button to continue.

If your Exact Online user account gives you access to multiple companies, you will be asked to select the company you want to use behind your Portal.

After specifying which company you want to use, you can access the Portal. The next time you sign in to the Portal, these steps to connect to Exact Online will not be shown and you can access the Portal without further ado.

Sharing your Exact Online credentials

When you have multiple users for your Portal, they will have to connect Exact Online too. But you can share your connection with these other users. By doing so, you can keep control of the username and password while still sharing the data. Also, that way you can give co-workers and even customers (limited) access, without having to acquire additional licenses.

If case you have to reconnect to Exact Online, do check your sharing settings. You can find these settings through System, User Settings and then go to the tab Exact Online.

  • Share Internal
    If you want to allow your co-workers to use your Exact Online connection, check the Share Internal checkbox.
  • Share External
    If you use the Portal to share data fro Exact Online with customers or suppliers, check the Share External checkbox.

When you have set your preferences, click the Update Sharing button. 

Do note: By activating these settings, data from Exact Online is (limited) available for the people you share with. This does not give them access to your Exact Online account itself. User can make use of your connection only; they can not use this to sign-in into Exact Online.

Unexpected behavior is expected

Exact Online has never done such a massive reset of user credentials before. At this moment, we are not fully informed as to what the consequences might be. So, it could be possible that you don't see or have to do anything at all. Maybe you need to reconnect, but don't need to specify which company to use. Depending on the severity of the reset, different scenarios might occur.

If you cannot re-connect, please let us know through We will try and help you as soon as possible, even though the reset is out of our hands and we rely on Exact Online Support here to solve your issues. We apologize for any inconveniences you encounter.