Automatically sign-in to the Essence Portal

To enter the Essence Portal, you need to enter a Username and Password to identify. This makes sense, since there might be confidential information to be found which is not for everyone. Also, by knowing who you are, the Portal can be personalized based on your roles and preferences. Still, entering your Username and Password every time can be a hassle. Using a Password Manager helps, but it still takes on click. 

Automatically sign-in to the Essence Portal

As of this Release we have made it possible sign-in to the Essence Portal without entering anything and without any click. Well, that is to say, you need to enable this option in your User Settings once and from then you are good to go. Here's how you can set-up the automatic sign-in for your User Account.

Generate and apply a User Key

From the Top Menu, select System, User Settings and go to the Password Settings tab. This is where you can change your Password as well. On the right you will see a new section for the User Key. This is where you can generate a User Key which is used for the automatic sign-in.

When generate or reset a User Key it will automatically be applied to the Browser you are working in. If you sign-out and want to go back in, you will not need to enter anything again. If you want to disable the automatic sign-on, just go back to the Password Settings and Revoke the User Key.

Apply the User Key to multiple Browsers

Do you use different devices (for example a laptop and a tablet) or different Browsers (for example Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) to access the Portal? Then you will need to apply the user Key from the Password Settings in each Browser. The User Key is then assigned to that specific Browser on that specific device.

When to reset the User key?

Let's say you have worked on a temporary device (for example, you borrowed someone else's laptop) and activated the User Key on a Browser on that device. And when you returned the device, you forgot to revoke the User Key on that device. The next person using that device can then still automatically sign-in to your Portal. 

This is a typical situation where you want to reset your User Key. When you reset the User Key, automatic sign-in will no longer work on devices and Browsers where you applied the previous User Key.

What happens when I change my Password?

The User Key is independent from your Password. We did this intentionally so we do not have to save your Username or Password on any device. When you change your Password, you don't have to do anything. Automatic sign-in will still work, just like before you changed your Password.

Do consider the use of automatic sign-in

When using a user Key for automatic sign-in, no information is stored in cookies or other files on your device. We do not store your Username or Password. We do store the User Key, but that can easily be regenerated. And the use of it is limited to just the device and browser where you applied it from. And of course, only for the Portal you applied it from.

Still, you should consider the use of it. Never apply the User Key on a public or shared device. Just like with your Password, change it on a regular basis. The more sensitive the information is that you have access to, the more often you should change your Password and/or reset the User Key.

And when in doubt that someone has access to a Browser where you applied the user Key, reset the user Key as soon as possible.