HowTo: Construct a Google Map URL

Imagine, you have a BusinessEntity for Organizations, Locations or something else that has address data. Most likely that address is not stored in one single value. Often the street, postal code and city are stored as separate values. So if you want to look for an address on Google Maps, that means you want to search on that combination.

Construct a Google Map URL

To accommodate an easy-to-use link to Google Maps, the Essence Portal offers the option to construct the Google Map URL. You can do this in the Silver Editor. Go to Modeling, BusinessEntities, Edit, Attributes & Composition. Here we already had the Google Calendar options and the Maps URL construction is added to that panel. Hence we renamed the panel to Google Calendar & Maps Parameters.

Once your BusinessEntity has a Google Maps URL, the label of each of the selected Properties will become clickable and will open up Google Maps with the URL containing the full address as constructed.

To make it more visible for the user that there is a hyperlink to Google Maps, go to the BaseEntity that contains one of the Properties that is associated with the full address. Select that Property and expand the Label panel. Here you can set the Hyperlink Type to Google Maps. Now an icon will appear that contains the Hyperlink to Google Maps.