Change Password on next Logon

Users of a Silver Essence Portal can decide for themselves when they want to change their password. So if you create Users with a default password, they can keep that password for as long as they want. In some cases however, you might want to force the User to change the password on the next logon. In the upcoming Release you will have that option.

Require a Password change

If you have the rights to create and edit Users, you will see that we have added an extra option in the User Management. You can access this through System, Users. 

By checking the box "Change Password", the user will be redirected to the User Settings at the next logon.

If the User attempts to go to another page in the Portal, the User will be redirected back to this screen. Just as long as the Password is not changed. Once the User changes the Password, the User will be logged out of the Portal and can then sign in with the new Password.