Get ready for a Test Drive

With every new Portal, the Customer gets a 30-day free trial period. During this period, all functionality is available and Users can be added as much as needed. To make it easier for the Customer and Partner to stay in touch during the trial period, we have introduced the Test Drive.

How to access the Test Drive

Accessing the Test Drive is easy. During the trial period, a button will be clearly visible at the top of the page:

Start your engine

In the first step of the Test Drive, the user can enter the contact information. Who should be contacted during the trial period, and through which email address and/or phone number.

Go for a ride

Next in the Test Drive, go for a ride and test the Portal. Here we will guide the User to the point where additional Users can be created. Providing that User has sufficient rights to do that. If the User doesn't have sufficient rights, or is not sure on how to do that, the User can also leave a message for the Partner. Requesting to create one or more Users. Using simple plain text, so the User can add remarks or questions if necessary.

Give feedback

In this step, the Users can leave their feedback. In the box on the left, they can enter their own comments. On the right they can view the comments of other Users that are involved in the Test Drive. As a Partner, you can also view these comments. So you are able to respond or take action whenever that's needed.

Place your order

In the last step, the User can place the order. For easy reference, we have added a link to the Terms & Conditions here as well. The User has to check the box to agree with the Term & Conditions before the order can be submitted. Once the User submits the order, you will receive a notification and you can send out the order confirmation.

Optimal use of the trial period

With the Test Drive we encourage Users to make optimal use of their trial period. We recommend that the key users take the first week to get familiar with the Portal. In the second week, other Users can be added so they can do some testing too. All Users should leave some feedback. So that in the third week, you as a Partner can respond. Maybe clarify on the User's feedback, take suggestions, you name it. During the last week, the User's can have another look, based on your responses. If everything is clarified and validated, what's keeping them from placing the order?

The Test Drive will be available in the next Release so stay tuned!