Better control of Synchronization

When working with an Exact Online administration for back-office processes, it is possible to synchronize the data-replication of one or more API topics to the local database. This synchronization can be scheduled as well. To check whether the Synchronization occurred as scheduled, it was necessary to check in the data itself. For example, by checking the Created field that is present in most (but not all) tables of Exact Online. Or by checking the number of records, before and after, which is not a good indicator either since data might not be entered on a daily basis.

Introducing the SilverSyncDate

To give better controls and better insights, we have added a DateTime field to every table that is replicated. Each time that data is replicated, this field will be updated with the current date/time. Using this field, you can now check whether or not the synchronization was done according to the schedule.

The field is available in the data table, and can be included in the configuration too.