Upload or adjust a custom Stylesheet

From the Silver Editor you can create a Custom Theme for your Portal. This will generate a unique stylesheet which is an exact copy of the current stylesheet. This stylesheet uses standard CSS and you can adjust that unique version of the stylesheet to your liking. And from this release you can edit, download or upload your unique stylesheet.

Introducing the CSS Manager

From the Menu Editor you can now manage your unique stylesheet. To do so, select the Custom Stylesheet option in the Tool Selector:

Do note, if you have not created a Custom Theme yet, this option will not be available. In that case, go to Mastering, Settings in the Full Editor and click the "Create Custom Theme" button.

Download and Upload your Stylesheet

With this new tool you have the option to download your unique Stylesheet. You can then edit the Stylesheet with your favorite CSS editor, and then upload the result using the same tool. Do note that your unique Stylesheet has the same name as your solution. You can upload CSS files with a different name. But we will change the filename automatically upon uploading to avoid conflicts with other Portals on the same Instance.

Direct editing of your Stylesheet

With this tool you can also edit the Stylesheet directly. Mind you, this is not the best editor for editing CSS files, but it enables you to make quick changes directly in the browser.