Exact Synergy Enterprise Test Tool Available

When you are setting up a Domain Identifier to connect to an Exact Synergy Enterprise environment, several settings apply. And you can only really test these settings, once you have done some configuration. To make it possible to test these settings before you start, we are introducing a new Test Tool.

Exact Synergy Enterprise Test Tool Available

When you are in the Full, Quick or Menu Editor, you can bring up the ToolBox Navigator using the key combination Alt+T. From the bottom right of the ToolBox Navigator, select the TestTools.

This will start the Test Tool application. By default the Silver Webservice Test Tool is selected, so click the ESE Domain Test from the left hand menu.

Performing the ESE Domain Test

In the ESE Domain Test you will find the same options as you will find when creating a Domain Identifier to connect to an Exact Synergy Enterprise environment. Fill out these settings and click the Test button. 

If everything is correct, a Request will be created using type 0. This is by default the Task in Exact Synergy Enterprise. In the description, the current date & time are mentioned so you can easily verify the results. 

If the Request could not be created, you will see the error message in the Response. Using this error message you can now troubleshoot and fix the problem. Be sure to check you are using the correct credentials and that you have adjusted the web.config to enable the ESEDomain webservice.

Avoid the Loopback check

When you work on an Essence Portal in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise, you might run into a strange error. Where you can sign in to the Silver Webservice with your Windows credentials. But when you enter exactly the same credentials in the Essence Webservice test-page, you get a sign-in error, or an error that points to the authentication scheme. 

The cause of this is the so called Loopback check. To avoid getting stuck here, you need to do an adjustment to the Windows Registry.