Allow Batch Execution of Methods

From the Main List in the Portal, the user can execute ExtendedMethods that are from the selected BusinessController. For example, from the Main List, the user could Approve (the ExtendedMethod) a number of Expense Claims (the BusinessController) in one single action. Or, the user can Block a number of Customers. This is done by using the Main List in Checkbox mode.

As a Configurator you don't have to do any special configuration for this. Each ExtendedMethod is automatically available to be executed from the Main List. However, in some cases, you might want to prevent an ExtendedMethod to be executed in a batch. For example, you want the user to look specifically at the data (for example the Expense Claim) before pressing the button. As of this release we have made it possible to specify if an ExtendedMethod is allowed for Batch Execution.

Allow an ExtendedMethod for Batch Execution

From this release we have added the option to allow an ExtendedMethod to be executed in batch from the Main List. To ensure a silent update, the default setting is Allowed, since this would result in the same behavior as before the update. To exclude an ExtendedMethod from the Main List, go to the BusinessController, Edit, ExtendedMethods and open the ExtendedMethod you want to hide in the Main List and uncheck the "Allow BatchExecution" option:

Now if you put the Main List in Checkbox mode (selectable), the ExtendedMethod will not be shown.

If you uncheck the "Allow BatchExecution" for all ExtendedMethods in the selected BusinessController, the drop-down list to select an ExtendedMethod will not be shown. Just like if there were no ExtendedMethods.