Translate your Portal

To translate your Portal, we use the same functionality as we use in the rest of the Portal. However, if you have a lot of translation to do, that could be quite a job. So we wanted to make things easier. As of this release we introduce a special page to translate your Portal, quick and simple.

Translate your Portal

With the new page, you can select which language you want to translate. If you select English (which is the default language for any Portal) you can easily translate the Terms as extracted by the Full Editor. To translate a specific Term, you can search for that Term using the Search Box at the top of the page:

If you select any other language, you don't have the search option. Here we simply show the first 10 Terms that have no Translation yet. 

Enter the Translations and hit the update button. The Translations will be added and a new batch will be shown. You don't have to fill out all the Translations. If you don't put in a Translation, the Term will stay visible until you have added a Translation. This way you cannot overlook something.

At the top of the page you can specify the batch size (up to 20 rows) or switch the language.

How to start the Translate Page?

You can access the Translate Page through one of the Editors, providing your Translation Database is set up correct in the Master Settings of the Portal.

From the Full Editor, the button can be found next to the Extract Terms:

In the Quick Editor, you can find it in the left hand menu:

And in the Menu Editor, you can find it in the Tool Selector: