Changes to the ESE Domain Identifier

On a Windows Server, you have several Authenticaton Modes. For Exact Synergy Enterprise the recommended Authentication Mode is Windows Authentication. Alternatively you can use the (less secure) Authentication Mode Basic. However, if you work on a local computer (workstation or laptop), the Authentication Mode Windows might not be available. This is the case with the lighter Home Editions of Windows. 

Specify the Authentication Mode

When you want to develop a Portal on a local computer, using Exact Synergy Enterprise as a back-office, the unavailability of the Authentication Mode Windows might be a problem when you want to insert or update data. To support the always available Authentication Mode Basic, we have introduced a new setting in the ESE Domain Identifier.

The default setting is Windows, as to comply with the current situation. In other words, you don't have to change anything after you update your solution. If you run into situations where need to use the Authentication Mode Basic, you can switch it here in the Settings.

Be sure to check your Exact Synergy Enterprise web.config settings too!