Additional Options in Application Manager

While deploying quite a number of Portals the last few weeks, we got a lot of feedback on 2 specific issues. First, when you deploy a new Portal, you must give it a name. And that name must be unique. So often, the company name is used. But when the company name was used for a demo Portal or for a Hackathon, you could no longer use that name anymore for the actual live Portal.

Second, during a hackathon or for demo purposes, often a demo company from Exact Online is used. But at some point you must switch to the real live company data.

Since we got many questions about this, we added some new options to the Application Manager. Here's what we've added.

Rename Solution

From the Application Manager you can now rename the solution. Doing this, you can rename the demo Portal to any name, so the name you want to use for the actual live Portal is available again.

Some things you must be aware of:

  • Log out of the Portal yourself
    You cannot rename a Portal if you yourself are logged into that Portal. If you are still logged on, the Rename button will not be available.
  • Work from the right Instance
    Since some local files must be renamed as well, you can only perform this action from the Application Manager that runs on that Instance.
  • Usernames will change as well
    Since the Username is preceded with the Portal name, the Usernames will be renamed as well to match the new Portal name. For example OldName\John Doe will be renamed to NewName\John Doe.

Optionally you can use the test mode to check if the name you want to use is available.

Disconnect Exact Online

From the Application Manager you can now also disconnect Exact Online from the Solution.

Disconnecting Exact Online will do the following:

  • Clear all cached connections
    This will result that users will have to re-connect with Exact Online, using their Exact Online username and password.
  • Clear the connected Company from the domain Identifier
    By doing this, the first user that logons must specify which company from Exact Online should be used

Be sure to log out from Exact Online before re-entering the Portal to avoid the wrong company is still active in the background. Also, if you use 1 shared user from Exact Online, be sure to activate Key Sharing from System, User Settings:

We are sure you will appreciate these new options. And as usual, feel free to leave your questions and remarks in the comments!