New Tabs in Instance Manager

To give you better control over your Silver Essence Instance, we have added 2 Tabs to the Instance Manager. Here's what we have added.

Silver Scheduler

To monitor the Status of the Silver Scheduler Service, we have added the Scheduler Tab. Besides the current Status of the Service, you can also Stop or Start it from here.


From the web.config Tab you can view the content of this file. Since it is not recommended to make changes to the web.config file remotely (any mistakes in editing would lead to a non-working website), the content is shown as read-only.

To secure your Essence Instance, the Templates and XML directories should be set to hidden segments in the web.config. During an installation we will add the necessary entries for this by default. If the web.config is manipulated afterwards and these directories are no longer hidden segments, we will show this in the Instance Manager. Be sure to take the appropriate actions as soon as possible.