Minimum and Maximum Values

Let's say you have an order-entry form, and the user can put in a Discount percentage. Then you might want to limit the Discount. So the user has to enter a value that is greater than 0, but less than or equal to 20. Within Essence you could support this using a Server Validation and a Basement Call. However, a Server Validation is only executed upon saving, so the user gets notified only at the end. Such validations however, should be preferably be executed directly. 

Introducing Minimum and Maximum Values

As of this release we offer the options to set a Minimum and Maximum Value for Integers (numbers) and Floats (Amounts) in the BusinessEntity Property. You can set them both to support the given example with the Discount. But you could also use just a Minimum Value, to prevent negative input. Or you could use just the Maximum Value to prevent large numbers.

The check on these values is directly evaluated when the user changes the value of the given Property. The following behavior will occur:

  • The user enters -10
    The value is less than the Minimum value and will be reset to 0
  • The user enters 15
    The value is within the given range and is accepted
  • The user enters 25
    The value is greater than the Maximum value and will be reset to 20

You can expect the roll-out of this in the upcoming week. As usual, feel free to leave your feedback or questions in the Comment section below.