Maintenance is underway

The Essence Portal is a web-application, accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As an administrator it is hard to find the right time to do system maintenance, like an update of the Essence framework. And even if you can find the right time, and even if you notify the users about the maintenance window. Even then there is still the chance that users are working in the Essence Portal when the maintenance is about to happen.

Show a Maintenance Message

Of course, you notify the users in advance about the planned maintenance. But when the moment is almost there, and you are doing the final preparations, you have the possibility to set a Maintenance Message. You can do that through the Instance Manager of the Essence Instance you are going to run maintenance on:

Once you have set and saved the Maintenance Message, a banner will be shown in the Essence Portal with that message:

And once you switch on the Maintenance Mode, using the checkbox, the users will be redirected to a special page. This page shows a general message.

At this point we cannot show a specific message since the Essence Framework itself and/or IIS are in maintenance mode. If you want to change the message, you can modify the SilverMaintenance.html on your server.

And once you are done

Once you are done with the maintenance, don't forget to remove the Maintenance Message and switch of the Maintenance Mode.