Introducing the Instance Manager

Some settings that go for all the Solutions on a Silver Essence Instance are stored in the SilverApplication.xml. To modify these settings, you needed to have access to the file on the server and edit them using an XML Editor. Or Notepad. That's right. You needed to that, but not any longer. As we are rolling out the Instance Manager.

Maintain Application Settings through your browser

Using the Instance Manager, you can edit the Application Settings through your browser. So access to the Server itself is no longer needed. The only reason you would need to do that, is when you want to change the application key. For security reasons, we do not allow to change this other than on the Server itself.

The Instance Manager can be found and started from your ToolBox:

Login with InstanceID, InstanceKey and AccessCode

If you start the Instance Manager, you will need to login using the InstanceID, InstanceKey and AccessCode of the Essence Environment you want to work on. The InstanceID and InstanceKey can be found in our Partner Portal. The AccessCode can only be found on the Server and is not known to us.

Maintain Settings and More

After the login, you will find all the familiar Settings from the SilverApplication.xml. That's the general settings, but also the settings for the user management and email. Plus the domain settings necessary to deploy Portals on this Instance.