Database BackUp Available

When your Essence Portal is running on a Hosted Environment, you might not always have access to the server. So it might not be possible to create a BackUp of one of your databases. But if you want to create reports, or write advanced views, it might be necessary to have a BackUp that you can restore on a local server. To support you with this scenario, we have added functionality to create and download a BackUp of the database(s) of your Essence Portal.

Create a BackUp

To create a BackUp, go to the Full Editor and go to Domains, Mappings and open the Database Editor. You could also use the Quick Editor and select the Database Editor from the available tools. In the Database Editor, click the BackUp button. You will see the following screen:

You will see a list of all the MS-SQL databases associated with your Portal. In our case, that's 4 different databases. But most Portals will have only one, or maybe 2. So don't worry if you see less than is shown in this example. By clicking the "Create BackUp" button for the database you want to use locally, the process will be started.

How to get your BackUp

We will make, zip and store the BackUp on our server. The content of that zip-file is protected using a password. Once the BackUp process is completed, we will send you an email with the URL and the Password. You can download the file through your browser.

One BackUp only for downloading

We don't want too many BackUps of your data on our servers. So every time you make a new BackUp, we will delete any previous file directly. So after the BackUp process is done and you receive the email, be sure to download the BackUp as soon as possible. Do not create (in our case as shown) 4 BackUps first and then go for the downloads, because the first 3 BackUps will no longer be available.

Do note that periodically (several times per week) we do some clean up and all BackUps older than 24 hours will be deleted in the process.