Select Databases when creating a Template

When you create a Template from an existing Portal, the databases of that Portal are automatically scripted. In other words, for each associated database we will generate scripts to create the tables, views, functions, triggers and procedures. So that with the deployment of a new Portal using that Template, all the databases will be created exactly like the databases from the Source Portal.

Select which databases to be scripted

However, in some cases you might not want to script all databases. For example, if the Portal configuration uses a database from an existing ERP system like Exact Globe or Microsoft Dynamics. You already could delete that database after it was scripted. But to improve performance and to avoid creating unnecessary databases by accident, we have now included the option to specify which databases should be scripted.

Expand the drop-down menu for Include Databases, and check the databases that should be scripted.

Also available when rebuilding a Template

Maybe not that often, but in some cases you might add another database to a Portal Configuration. Until now, we were not prepared for that, and scripting databases was only done when creating a Template. Since you can now decide to leave one or more databases out when creating a Template, we have added the option to select more databases upon rebuilding the Template. The Include Databases will also be available upon rebuilding the Template. With a small difference that you cannot uncheck databases that are already scripted. Reason for this is that it might imply that databases would be deleted from existing Portals. That is certainly not the case since that would mean a serious loss of data, and therefor we do not take any action here. If a database is obsolete and should be deleted, it's up to you to take appropriate action.