Sumatra Reporting & Silver Essence

This was a good week. Doing "something" with reporting in our Silver Essence framework was one of the things high on my personal bucket list. And my long time favorite reporting tool from my consultancy days has always been Sumatra. So when we had to pick a topic for the Exact Hackathon, my immediate thought was: Let's integrate Sumatra Reports into our Framework's core.

The Exact Hackathon

For you that are not familiar with the Hackathon concept, it's all about doing something new, exciting and impressive. But in an insane short amount of time, with limited resources.

Our goal was to make Sumatra Reporting available in our Portals. Using all the possibilities of the Sumatra Builder. Using our Security Layer to determine who can access which report, and with which specific filters. Making it possible for Partners to upload their content, which we would make available for users. And where the end user can decide which reports to us in, for example, a pay-per-use model.

So. Building from scratch. In one and a half day. With just 3 developers. Right...

The Result: We did it!

Tuesday we started. With Eric Maas from Sumatra Software, and our lead developer Martin Hertog. With yours truly for moral support and additional coding. And yes we did it! Wednesday afternoon at the Exact Hackathon we pitched the first version of what we set out to do. Check the end result in this movie:

The next step

With the Exact Live 2016 in Utrecht, it has been a busy week. But it was a great week. It was great fun to meet up with the guys from Sumatra Software and work with their tools again. It was exciting to see something evolve from an idea to a working application in such a short time. Now we have to clean up some code, do some additional testing and figure out the definitive business model.

But we did it! And pretty soon you can expect to hear more from this. So check out our Productblog for updates, and apply for our newsletter.

Thanks again, to Eric and Martin for their great work. It was great fun doing this!