Start developing your own pages & controls

Yes, with the Silver Essence Framework you can create Portals and Apps, without having to write a single line of code. no, that doesn't mean you cannot write your own additional code. For example, you could create interactive startpages. Or create specific entry applications with a layout or behavior that you cannot really get using the configuration.

Develop your own pages & controls

Since we are developers ourselves, we know that it is impossible to to everything using a configuration. No matter how complex and advanced that configuration might be. At some point you just need to add some additional coding to get the results you want. And that is one thing that the Silver Essence Framework offers: a ready-to-use Software Development Kit (or SDK) for you to start coding in a familiar development environment, using the language you are already familiar with. Here's what you need to get started.

  • A local installation
    To get started, you will need a local installation of the Silver Essence Framework. Download an installation and follow the instructions here.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
    As your Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) we recommend using Visual Studio. You can use the free Community Edition that can be downloaded here.
  • Explore our example
    Your custom controls and pages should be placed in the Portals/Solutions/<SolutionName> folder you can find starting from the root of your Silver Essence Installation. In Portal/Solutions/Initial we have an application MaintEntity.aspx that will reveal some of the most used techniques you will need to create your own pages and controls.

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