Introducing the FormBuilder

When you start building with the Silver Essence Framework, you usually start with the data that is already available. Using the data that is already there not only gives you a head start, but it also removes the need of duplicate data and keep it all in sync. So our way of working until now was bottom-up. Because when building a whole new application, or when introducing new Entities, it might make more sense working top-down. First design the User Interface. And from that, generate the database tables and configuration. As of today, you can. Using the brand new FormBuilder.

Need a quick start? Use a Form Template!

If you start building a new Portal from scratch, there are some entities you will definitely need. Like an Organization, with a name, address, postal code and city. Or a Project with a description, start- and end date. Or an Item, with a sales- and cost price. With FormBuilder you can pick from readily available Form Templates. Use them for a quick start and then style them to your need, add fields, set required fields, pick default values and more.

Design your Form

Specify how your Form Fields should behave. Do you want it to be mandatory? Can it be used in Searches? Should it have a default value, like the current date? Use the Designer to do all that. No, we have not added all the possibilities like you have in Editors. We wanted to keep the Designer as clean as possible, while still giving you all the most often used options. Are you missing something here? Just give us feedback in the comments and we will evaluate that and we will keep improving!

Ready? Then Generate!

Are you satisfied with your new Form? Did you added all the necessary fields and did you make all the adjustments you wanted? Then select the database you want to use for creating the table. Next, click the generate button. That's all and you can start using your new Form directly after that.

Active and Archived Designs

Once your Design is generated, it is automatically Archived. But let's say you want to use it again. For example, you made a design for a Debtor and you want to re-use it for the Creditor. Then simply restore the Design and you can rename it and make the necessary adjustments. Are you done with the Design, then put it out with the Trash.

Access FormBuilder from your ToolBox

You can find the FormBuilder in your ToolBox. Access the FormBuilder from the menu on the left, or bring up the ToolBox by using Alt+T and select it from the available tools.