Introducing ToolBox

With the Silver Essence framework you have lots of tools to build your perfect Portal. Since you can install the Silver Essence framework on your own servers, you can have lots of instances. And gradually you build up quite a network of Customer sites, each with their own user-names and passwords. Together, that's a whole lot of information to remember. As of today, we will make this a lot easier. Today we are rolling out your personal ToolBox for the Silver Essence Framework.

Your One-stop Workshop

Access ToolBox with your Partner Account, and you are ready to go. No matter which Instance you want to work on, you can list them all. No matter which Portal you want to work on, whether it is one of your own Portals or one you are assigned to, you can easily find them all. And if you want to, you can access them all using a single sign-on!

All-Access To Resources

ToolBox gives you direct access to all available resources you might need when working on a Portal. Our online Training Center where you can find documentation, tutorials, presentations, videos and much more. Our Partner Portal where you can manage your Portals, Templates and Instances. And of course, this Productblog to stay in tune with all the latest developments.

Dashboard & Action Center

View statistics on your Templates and Portals. Get insights on the activity of your Users. Claim new Business Cases and stay on top of your current Opportunities. In ToolBox this is now all available from your Dashboard.

Always there

Are you working in the Quick Editor and do you need to switch? Simply use Alt+T to bring up the ToolBox navigator. Directly go for the best Tool you need for the job. Or go straight into your ToolBox, switch to another Instance or Portal. What ever you want to do, your ToolBox is always there in the background. Ready to use.

Stay tuned for updates

First we made all the Tools available in ToolBox. But we are already adding new functionality for a better user experience and improved Security. Stay tuned for more news on that, and How-To's that will help you organize your ToolBox. For now, check out your personal ToolBox here: