A change in Editor Login Procedure

To get into the Essence Portal, you must have a User Account. To start working on the Configuration of that Portal, you will need a Partner Account. So as a Partner you will always have to remember 2 Username/Password combinations. And if you give other Partners access to work on that Configuration, you must give out the Username/Password of a User Account so they can preview the Configuration. That's a lot of Usernames and Passwords. And of course, handing out these credentials isn't a wise thing to do. So we have simplified this. A lot easier, and much more secure.

The current situation

Whether you log on to the Essence Portal first or go directly to the Editor, the Login Procedure was always the same. First you enter the User Account credentials, and then your Partner Account credentials. Basically it looks like this:

The new situation

In the new situation, this will be the same if you first go to the Essence Portal, and from there start the Editor. But if you go directly to the Editor, we will now ask you for your Partner Account credentials first, and then the User Account credentials. Like this:

Introducing the "User For Editor"

That doesn't look like a big change. But here is what is really new. For each Portal, you can now specify a "User for Editor" in our Partner Portal. If you do so, and you start the Editor with the Parameter Solution=<SolutionName>, the Login Procedure will look like this:

First your Partner Account credentials will be validated. If you are validated, we will check if there is a "User for Editor" assigned to the requested Solution. If that's not the case you will be prompted to enter the User Account credentials. 

But if there is a "User for Editor" specified, we will do a silent Login in the background. And this, this will make life much easier for you as a Partner.

  • One Account only
    You only need to remember your own Partner Account Credentials. No more need to remember the User Credentials as well
  • Improved Security
    There is no need to give out the User Credentials to other Partners who work on that Portal
  • Easier maintenance
    The User can change the Password at any time. No more need to inform the Partner

Setting the "User for Editor"

Go to the Partner Portal and go to Storefront, Content Management, Solutions. Open the Solution for which you want to set or change the "User for Editor" and select the User you want to use by default. You don't need to have the Password or anything, you can simply select the User from the list.

How to switch to a different user?

If you go to the Editor directly, the default "User for Editor" will automatically be used to login to the Portal Preview. If you want to test with a different User Account, go to the Portal first and login using the User Account you want to use, and then go to the Editor. Or simply leave out the Solution=<SolutionName> parameter from the URL.

If you don't want a default user?

If you don't want to use the "User for Editor" for a Portal, simply leave the field empty and anyone who will be working on the Configuration will need to log on as before.