Action Required: Change of Homepage Root folder

As of this Release we have made small change which requires an action after you have updated your Silver Essence Framework.

What has been changed?

In the Portal Settings you will find the options to specify which logo you want to use in the portal. And you can set the various start-pages for the desktop and mobile version here. In previous Releases it was required to specify the Root Folder here. In other words, these Settings would always have to start with "Solutions/<SolutionName>". Since this is a fixed convention, we decided that it is no longer necessary to put it in the Settings.

So from now on, your Settings would look like the following screenshot from our own Portal.

What do you have to do?

Basically, all you have to do after the update, is to change these settings here. To make it easier for you, we will do an automatic conversion when you open the Settings page after the update. So just sign in to the Portal Editor and open up the Settings page and you are good to go.

Now if you don't have a User Account for the Editor and your Partner is unavailable, we have created an escape to convert these Settings. Simply open up the Portal and look at the Address Bar of your browser which will show the URL. This URL ends with SilverSolutionPage.aspx. Now add the following to the URL:


Click enter to load the page and the Settings will automatically be converted in the background.

What if you don't take action?

These Settings point to the logo in your Portal and to the various start-pages. So the logo will no longer show and the start-pages will give a loading error. The rest of the Portal (the menu, screens, functions et cetera) will work as before.

What about hosted solutions?

If your Solution is hosted by us, we will do the conversion for you directly after the update. Please check if after the conversion everything is showing as you expected. If not, contact us through