Navigation in the CopyAction

Using the NavigateURL you can create a flow-like behavior in the Silver Essence Portal. For example, After processing a Sales Invoice, navigate back to the list of Sales Invoices. Or after closing a Service Call, navigate to the list of Service Calls. There are many use-cases where you will need the NavigateURL in your Silver Essence Configuration, in combination with all the parameters you can use to display the Silver Essence Portal. And that NavigateURL has become even better.

NavigateURL in the CopyAction

When you use a NavigateURL in the CopyAction, you can use all the Properties from the Source BusinessEntity. But there are cases you might want to go directly into the BusinessController you created. For example, the user enters a Service Call from the Organization Card and wants to go to the Service Call to set out a Follow Up Action for the Service Call.

To support such use-cases, we have made it possible to use the Properties from the targeted BusinessEntity as well. So if you have a CopyAction with no NavigateURL yet, you will see the option to pick a Property from the targeted BusinessEntity too:

And if you add a Parameter to an existing NavigateURL, it will look like this:

You will see these changes after the following update soon.