Prints & Methods in the Main List

This week we are rolling out an update that will make life of many users a lot easier. And what's even better, you don't have to do anything for this, because you already did everything necessary. As of this week, the Main List (the Search Engine in your Silver Essence Portal) will become a lot smarter.

Multiple Select & Print

Last week we introduced the option to print one or more lines from the Main List, by putting the list in a checkbox mode. Only, you could select, let's say, ten lines but for example 7 lines would be printed. That is because there could be a filter on what can be printed. For example, you can only print the cards of Organizations that are active. Now if only 7 of the selected Organization would be active, that explains why 3 of the selected lines would not be included in the results when printed.

We have improved this in this weeks update. Once you select a Print, the checkboxes in the result list are enabled or disabled, depending on if the record can be printed or not. In other words, if it cannot be printed, it cannot be selected. This will ensure that what you select is what you ultimately will get.

Execute Methods from the Main List

On the single card, you can have one or more buttons. For example to block the Account, approve the Sales Order or withdraw a Question. Until now, you could this only for one Account, Sales Order or Question at a time. By opening them and clicking the appropriate button.

We have now made it possible to do this also from the Selectable Main List. Once you put the Main List into the Selectable mode, you can now choose between running a specific Method (clicking a specific button) or print using a specific Layout.

Once you have selected a Method or a Print, we do a check which lines can be selected. For those lines, the checkbox will be enabled. For the other lines, the checkbox will be disabled. If you already made a selection, this selection will be undone because that selection might not be valid. So always filter the results first, then select a Method or Print and only then check the boxes in the result list.

Automatic Refresh of the results

Once you run a Method, the result list will be refreshed automatically. You could then select the one or more lines in the new results and execute the same Method again. So basically you can only do a maximum of 50 lines at once, which is the maximum page size. But by using the filters, you can apply the same Method over and over again until all the changes you want to make are done.

To sum it all up, we have made a video showing the new functionality. Check it out here: