Improvements in LookUp Maintenance

We have made some improvents to the LookUp maintenance. First we have made it possible to copy a LookUp to a new LookUp. And we have made it possible to add more columns to the result list. In this post you will find the details about these changes.

Copy LookUps

First thing you will notice in the list of LookUps is that there is a new icon added. By clicking this icon, a new LookUp will be added as a copy of the original one. 

If you copy a LookUp, we will give it the same name, plus "_Copy". You can change this name directly or later on. But beware, once you have used the LookUp elsewhere in your configuration, you can no longer change the name. So make it a habit of changing the name directly.

And by the way, since we have implemented a test to check whether a LookUp is in use, we also did a bugfix here. Until now it was possible to delete a LookUp that was already in use. With this release, that is no longer possible.

Additional Columns in OleDB LookUps

Another thing we improved; we have made it possible to add more columns to the result list of your LookUp when used as a Browser. This because in some cases the user needs just a little bit more information to pick the correct item from the list. As of the upcoming release you can add QueryExtensions of the type "Select". Here you can specify the additional column from the database table. And since you might need to use a SQL function (for example, to convert a datetime column into a formatted string) you can use that too.

This does not replace the option to use multiple column names for the description column in the LookUp attributes. For those of you not familiar with this: You can use multiple column names in the description field of the LookUp. In the LookUp, the content of these columns were stitched together to one single text column. If you have used this before in your configuration, no need to worry because it will work just the same in the newest release.

We hope you will like these improvements. Comments or Questions? Feel free to contact us or leave a reply on this post.