Introducing new Menu Settings

To give you more control over the look and feel of your Essence Portal, we added a few additional Menu Settings. [More]

Require a minimum password length

We want to encourage the use of longer passwords. Until now, we didn't require a specific length. But in the upcoming Release we will introduce the option to require a specific password length. [More]

Automatically sign-in to the Essence Portal

As of this Release we have made it possible sign-in to the Essence Portal without entering anything and without any click. Well, that is to say, you need to enable this option in your User Settings once and from then you are good to go. [More]

Insights on Exact Online Synced Tables

In general all data in a Silver Essence Portal comes from the connected databases or webservices in [More]

Change Password on next Logon

Users of a Silver Essence Portal can decide for themselves when they want to change their password. [More]

Get ready for a Test Drive

With every new Portal, the Customer gets a 30-day free trial period. During this period, all functio [More]

Billing Information in User Management

When creating or modifying Users, you can set the User Type. The pricing for that User is determined [More]

Better control of Synchronization

When working with an Exact Online administration for back-office processes, it is possible to synchr [More]

Additional Setting: MainList UI Name

In previous releases, it was not possible to change the UI Name (the name shown in the User Interfac [More]

Introducing the Dispatcher

Any local install of the Essence Framework needs to communicate with our User-Management Services. A [More]