Database BackUp Available

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BasementCall Persistency

To check whether a User is linked to a Role, or a Customer has ever bought a Product, you can use Ba [More]

Select Databases when creating a Template

When you create a Template from an existing Portal, the databases of that Portal are automatically s [More]

HowTo: Set up the Synergy Enterprise Service

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Perform Triggers in List Fetches too

With the BusinessEntity you can set Triggers on the Create, Read and Update actions. For example, yo [More]

Sumatra Reporting & Silver Essence

This was a good week. Doing "something" with reporting in our Silver Essence framework was one of th [More]

Set the size of LookUps

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Start developing your own pages & controls

Yes, with the Silver Essence Framework you can create Portals and Apps, without having to write a si [More]

Introducing the FormBuilder

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Introducing ToolBox

With the Silver Essence framework you have lots of tools to build your perfect Portal. Since you can [More]