Introducing the Dispatcher

Any local install of the Essence Framework needs to communicate with our User-Management Services. A [More]

Introducing the Master Security Check

Using the Context Based Security, you can secure each BusinessEntity. So that only those users you w [More]

Upload or adjust a custom Stylesheet

From the Silver Editor you can create a Custom Theme for your Portal. This will generate a unique st [More]

Exact Synergy Enterprise Test Tool Available

When you are setting up a Domain Identifier to connect to an Exact Synergy Enterprise environment, s [More]

Allow Batch Execution of Methods

From the Main List in the Portal, the user can execute ExtendedMethods that are from the selected Bu [More]

Translate your Portal

To translate your Portal, we use the same functionality as we use in the rest of the Portal. However [More]

Under Construction notification added

When a user enters the portal, the user will see the start-page for that Portal. If you have not set [More]

Changes to the ESE Domain Identifier

On a Windows Server, you have several Authenticaton Modes. For Exact Synergy Enterprise the recommen [More]

Additional Options in Application Manager

Rename Solution [More]

New Setting: Exit URL

When the User exits the Portal using the Log-off button, the User is then redirected to the Log-on s [More]