Change Password on next Logon

Users of a Silver Essence Portal can decide for themselves when they want to change their password. [More]

Get ready for a Test Drive

With every new Portal, the Customer gets a 30-day free trial period. During this period, all functio [More]

Billing Information in User Management

When creating or modifying Users, you can set the User Type. The pricing for that User is determined [More]

Introducing the Master Security Check

Using the Context Based Security, you can secure each BusinessEntity. So that only those users you w [More]

Upload or adjust a custom Stylesheet

From the Silver Editor you can create a Custom Theme for your Portal. This will generate a unique st [More]

Translate your Portal

To translate your Portal, we use the same functionality as we use in the rest of the Portal. However [More]

Under Construction notification added

When a user enters the portal, the user will see the start-page for that Portal. If you have not set [More]

New Setting: Exit URL

When the User exits the Portal using the Log-off button, the User is then redirected to the Log-on s [More]

HowTo: Update the Silver Essence Framework

.. [More]

Sometimes Less Is More

Sometimes, even often, Less is More. In general, users prefer a simple and clean user-interface. Wit [More]